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Wimax – Stikfas Stikfun Stikfan Challenge 2008


We just got this news direct from Wimax, the Stikfas Distributor for the Philippines. The Stikfas Stikfun Stikfan Challenge 2008 is an open competition to all Stikfans. There are 2 categories to the competition, (1) Customisation and (2) Kit-bashing. For further details on the rules, click on the follwoing websites and register at any Hobbes & Landes store. The judging will be held on 3rd May 2008 and the first prize consists of PHP 7500.00 worth of prizes. So do head down to your nearest Hobbes & Landes store now to register.

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Stikfun 03/05/2008 – Caption This

Caption This

This weeks Caption This image is from the Bratik’s Flickr Photostream. You can check out his Stikfas images here. If you would like to submit an image for the Stikfans Weekly Stikfun Caption This post, please email it to… Now, Caption This…


Stikfas News – 03/05/2008 has posted News for March.

The Stikfas Stikfun Stikfan Challenge 2008, the first official Stikfas competition in the Philippines! To find out more about this competition, and how to enter check out the news post here.


Larry Stikfas – Back on the Road!

LarryWe just got word that Larry Stikfas of the fame is back on the road again, after a two month break, and is currently in Antioch getting chased by Zombies?

He has posted new pictures from his travels up on the and wants us to get the word out that he still is looking for new Stikfans to visit. You can arrange a visit from Larry by going to his website and filling in the contact form details. When its your turn he will email you, and ask if he can still drop by. Your only obligations are to take a few pictures and make sure he gets to his next destination!

Although Larry is not the first chain-stikfas created, he has the same ambition to travel the world one mailbox at a time, and visit every Stikfan that he can! Click here if you want to help Larry on his quest, or if you just want to check out his latest pictures and blog.


Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 – Round X

The Stikfanatics Challenge is in its final round, but all those Challengers that were eliminated along the way are now in a Wild Card Draw to win a pre-press Evangelion Stikfas Frame!!! And you get to decide the Winner!!!

You can vote for your eliminated favorite here.

To view the customs of those eliminated click here.

Good luck Chaps!


Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 – Round Six Results

We are reaching the closing stages of the Stikfanatics Challenge and we have seen some amazing Stikfas Customs from some of the best customizers out there. Sadly this is a elimination competition and someone must leave before the final round. The Stikfanatic who wont be moving on from Round Six Domo Arigato Mr Roboto is SeraphimZeta (of the fame), bad luck Chap.

That leaves Kel7Alpha and Munkiboi to go head-to-head for the final round, named May the Best Fantasy Beast Win. You can find the full Final Round Rules here. Its a three week challenge, so we will try to keep you up-to-date with the work in progress as we discover them.

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