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Pinky Stikfas?

Pinky Stikfas

We found this interesting picture during one of our Stikfas Search Engine Trawls. Sadly I don’t understand Japanese, but the picture was created with a fusion Stikfas and a toy called Pinky? You can check out the links to the websites that feature these creations below.

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Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 – Round Five

The Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 continues, and the results for Round Four are now in. Sadly Pucedoose didn’t make it, although I think his Beta Knight was nicely done. Bad luck Pucedoose, and good work getting this far!!!

The field of battle is now down to four participants, and you can view the rules for Challenge Round Five can be found here. Pictures of the fully painted customs from Round Four – Part Two can be found below.

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Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

Time for a weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up, where we look at the best Stikfas Web Comics to help you procrastinate the rest of Friday away. If anyone knows of a Webcomic we’ve not mentioned here or in our URL list please drop us an email at Rightio, lets see what is new this week 🙂

The Olde Towne Stikfas Players Ltd sent us an email this week with news of a huge update to there Skit based Stikfas comic strips. New Skits featuring a Ninja Marries Ninja Valentine special, a Pterodactyl Dilemma and a peak into the cast of the Olde Town Stikfas Players themselves! You can check out the skits here.

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An Interview with BanY J –

Now this is fairly old, dated 2006, interview that I discovered it trawling through the search engines today. Its an interview with Stikfas Creator BanY J and he mentions how Stikfas got started, his ideas for the future of Stikfas and expands on the information that we have on the much rumored Stikworld MMORPG. You can check out the full interview here.


Stikfas News – 02/13/2008

Yes I know I’m late with this, but has posted a number of news items and there is a 12 hour difference between Stikfas HQ and Stikfans… Okay, enough excuses, eh?

The Stikfas News starts with a new Stikfas article in Dawn Magazine (a Belgium publication) featuring Ban Y J, news that the Philippines is now stocking Stikfas in three major toy stores, and that Saizon the US Hub for Stikfas will be at the US Toy Fair 2008. Click here to view all the news 🙂


Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 – Round Four Part Duex

Okay, Round Four turned out to be a two-part challenge which means no one got eliminated this week (hurrzah!). For those of you playing along at home you can find the Rules for Round Four Part 2 which is now known as the Beta Knights of the Round Table here.

If you are interested in seeing all the customs bashes from Part 1 of Round Four check out the links below.

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Stikfun – Caption This

Caption this 🙂
Caption This

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Fansites – Doodman Customs

I just got an email of a new Fansite from its owner Doodman or more commonly known as Stikfan Pucedoose on the Stikfanatics board. He has flickr account with all his Stikfas customs posted, including some cool Stikfun pictures and work in progress. You can check out his website here and its now added to our growing URL list.

Speaking of Stikfas on, we’ve added an animated flickr banner to, and feed of the latest Stikfas pictures from the Stikfas Pool on flickr 🙂

Thank you Pucedoose, and if anyone has a stikfas related website, knows of one that is not listed on Stikfans, or have an idea what you would like to see on Stikfans please drop us an email at


Fansites – Phil Ashby’s Customs

We got an email today from Phil Ashby, who is a UK Stikfan and has a website full of wonderful Stikfas customs and work in progress. You check out the website here and we’ve added it to our growing Stikfas Fansite URL list.

Thank you Phil, any chance we can get some jaffa cakes?
And if anyone knows of a Stikfas related website please drop us an email at and we will feature it here.


Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

Its Friday, a day famous for in work procrastination, so why not fill your time with looking at the best Stikfas Web Comics on the Internet? Lets see who is active this week.

Action Figure Comics continues to pave the way with new episodes for Perils of the Bold which you can check out here. Plus they have a new issue of Web Comic Entertainment up here.

Stuck continues the action with new episode here that features an interesting conversation between Ninja and Tina.

The Phim continues to beat its own path with new episodes that explain the vision horn.

Olde Towne Stikfas Players Ltd, continues there unique skit bases episodes with a new installment of Ninja marries Ninja.

And Sigmartyr returns with the lost Episode X, that links together Alpha Team and the Delta Scout.

Thats all for this week, if anyone knows of any Stikfas related web comics please email us at 🙂


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