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Preview – Sneak Peek

We just got an exclusive sneak peek at new artwork from, we think it looks pretty damn cool and we are interested in seeing what direction the Fight-Dice team are going with this.

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Stikfas Bootlegs

Stikfas Bootlegs have been around almost as long as Stikfas themselves, some are more blatant than others. Like the Puzzlers, that used the same sprue layout but different colors. One thing that was always true about these Bootlegs, was although they were cheaper than actual Stikfas, the plastic, and often construction was inferior.

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Flickr Stikfun

Do you have a account?

Today I did a search for Stikfas images on the internet for a Stikfun post, and came across a tonne of images on (about 2739 to be precise as of 01/30/2008). I thought it would be cool to share them all with you here, you can check them out here, there are some real cool innovative Stikfas images. Why don’t you create an account and post some of your own to share with other Stikfans, and of course let us know about it 🙂

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Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 – Round Two Pictures, Results & Round Three Rules

The Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 has moved into its third round, and the contestant that wont be going through to the next round of the Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 is Stikfanatics Forum handle Donaldshadow – Bad luck chap 🙁

The rules for Round Three – Original Character have been posted here.

And you can check out the Cuboyds Seven Deadly Sins Customs here in the Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 Round Two Gallery. Well done everyone who is still in the game, and we at Stikfans look forward to what Round Three will bring 🙂


Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

Ayup, time for our weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up 🙂

Action Figure Comics has updated with new Perils of the Bold and Dark Omen Dawning strips, check them out here.

The Phim, keeps beating its own very unique path with new surreal strips, check out the Phim reality here.

Stuck is back! With marvel like action scenes and a creeping punchline this popular Stikfas comic is back in the game. Check out the brand new episodes here.

I would like to introduce a fairly new Stikfas related Webcomic strip called Olde Towne Stikfas Players Ltd, its a skit related comic strip by Micheal A.Carroll and is worth a chuckle or two 🙂 Check it out here.

And finishing off with Sigmartyr, no new episodes yet, but it has a spiffy new look about it. Check our Sigmartyr here.

If you know of any Stikfas comics that we don’t cover please let us know by dropping an email to Thank you 😉


Katoots Stikfun

The Stikfas Section at Katoots has a couple fun threads open at the moment, the first is called Your First Stikfas you can check it out here, and if the mood takes you post a picture of your first… Ahh, those were the days, my first was Super Yellow who you can see gracing the very title graphic of this Blog.

The second thread is called Stiks and Pets, pet and stik pix which is fun little photo challenge of taking a picture of your Stikfas with your pets, you can check that out here. Now go have some Stikfun 🙂


Stikfas News – 01/22/2008 We are the news!

Wow, we’ve just been posted on the News board, checkout the screen shot below 🙂
Stikfasn News

And I would like to take this moment to welcome anyone who is viewing us for the first time, welcome to Stikfans we hope you will enjoy your stay and contribute to this Community Resource for all fans of Stikfas 🙂 This is your website, as much as mine.


A little bit of Stikfun

This little bit of Stikfun was first posted by Nick (The Limey) during the photo contest run by Bullstik.

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Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 – Round One Pictures & Round Two Rules

The first round of the Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 has ended and the pictures have been sent out to the Judges. Stikfans has done its best to collect all the links to the first round challenges here from the original thread for ease of reference. The winner has already been announced as well as the Round Two Rules, but more of that after the pictures.

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Stikfas News – 01/21/2008 has posted news about, the UK Distributor for Stikfas. Its about them attending Toy Fair UK. You can read all about here.


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