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Rumor Mill – 10/16/2008

New Releases Old Stikfas Kits

This is going to be a bit of an odd Rumor Mill, as its dealing with returning kits and most of the news is mostly North American based.
First off, as you can see by the graphic some kits that even I thought were gone forever are coming back. I have no news if these are reissues or if Saizon have uncovered another stash of Stikfas kits, my gut is telling me its another stash. Either way its a good time for new and old Stikfas fans. The list of the Stikfas kits that are coming back are after the jump.

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Rumor Mill – 08/22/2008

Stikfas Green Dragon Artist RenditionHello, and welcome to the Rumor Mill, the ongoing look at what is coming up, what is going on, and what is generally happening in the world of Stikfas. Everything presented in the following article is all based on rumors, snippets of conversations and internet leakage. But, as we all know all rumors do have a grain of truth in them, right?

Lets kick off by saying sorry, we’ve been away for a couple of month and the biggest reason is Stikfas HQ goes really quiet during the summer months. Now that fall is almost around the corner, we’ve been kicking over the rocks and trying to find the skinny of what is what with Stikfas.

First off I have a USA only item. Over the last three-four months there has been a general drop off the most popular Stikfas kits, supplies in stores running low as these kits disappeared from there shelves, and from the North American Distributors Saizons warehouse. We feared that fabled names such as the Chinese Warrior Monk, Legionnaire and Spaceman would be gone forever, they are now staging a come back. Find out more after the jump.

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Rumor Mill – 06/18/2008

Master AssassinWelcome to the June 2008 Rumor Mill column, the place were we take a look at what is new, and what is going on with all things Stikfas. A place for all the gossip, half-heard tips and out right speculation come to rest.

First off I want to say score one for the Rumor Mill. We’ve been scratching at the Master Assassin rumor for three months now and it looks like Stikfas HQ have finally released the kit. So you can’t blame us if we feel a little punchy today. And isn’t a cool kit!!! I want one, no two… Heck, with all the new weapons and accessories this is going to be a very popular kit indeed.

North American release date for this neat kit is approx late July/early August, so keep your eyes peeled for the North American release announcement here at Stikfans, and reserve your Assassin at our sponsor website
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Stikfas Master Assassin Pictures

Stikfas Master Assassin

To see the full set of pictures featuring the new Stikfas Master Assassin Kit, the box and the kits sprues visit the Stikfas Philippines Website here.

Score One for the Rumor Mill 🙂 The North American release date for this cool new addition to the Stikfas range is approx late July. To finish off, here is a close up image of the main Master Assassin Accessory Frame 😀

Master Assassin Accessory Sprue


Rumor Mill – 05/08/2008

EvangelionHello, and welcome to the second edition of Rumor Mill, this is the place were we speculate, and discuss rumors, and ideas involving our favorite toy, Stikfas. Remember all rumors have a grain of truth in them…

In our last edition we discussed the possibility of Evangelion appearing in Stikfas form in the near future. Since then we’ve posted a picture of an assembled test sprue, and it looks pretty sweet. Read the rest of this entry »


Rumor Mill – 04/09/2008

EvangelionWelcome to a new feature here on called the Rumor Mill, its where we put our ear down on Stikfas and see what little whispers we can pick up. I’m not saying that any of the information presented here is accurate, but all rumors do have a grain of truth in them. If you have any rumors, thoughts, or have a question you think can be answered in the Rumor Mill post a comment, or email

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