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News – Koolby & Friends Series One

Koolby & Friends

I know been a while since an update, my apologies, I am very busy with Stikfans v2.5 and other related projects. However, while I was taking a 10 minute procrastination break I found these interest figures over on Saizon’s (North American Stikfas Distributor) website. I don’t know if they are Stikfas related, but I thought you might all want to see them (Jean thinks they are cute). More images after the jump…

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Fight-DiceTM Update

Fight-Dice Artwork

Fight-Dice logoFight-DiceTM – The Rapid Action Dice Combat Game has some news. As you know Fight-DiceTM is self-produced independent production. This means production, game development, publication and design are heavily dependent on the free time of the author.

Recently Fight-DiceTM has published a sketch book of artwork on there website, showcasing the new artwork, and direction that the game is now going in. The game is based on using any action figure in a duel style game, and the open ended nature of it makes a it a perfect fit for Stikfas Action Figures.
And now they have sent a prototype copy of the new version3.0 of the game to Stikfas HQ with a proposal to develop the game alongside our favorite action figures.

Fingers crossed that Fight-DiceTM is successful, and Stikfas HQ pick up the game and help them get to the next level. If you want to help, email Stikfas HQ at and ask about Fight-DiceTM.


Previews & Concepts Gallery Update

Preview ImageNew images have been added to the Stikfans Concepts Previews gallery. These images include scaled Evangelion Prototype pictures, and a peak into Banj sketch book over the rumored Evoliods range. You can view the Gallery by clicking here.


Fight-Dice Sketch Book

Fight-DiceTM Sketch BookFight-DiceTM The Rapid Action Dice Combat Game has just released an online Sketch Book of current Fight-DiceTM art. You can check it out by clicking here.

The Sketch book gives a neat little insight to some of the new game mechanics, especially the new card aspect of it, and the game artwork is really nice 🙂


Preview – Evangelion Stikfas

Evangelion Stikfas Artwork

Found on the great worldwide Internet, we are very happy to share these Stikfas Evangelion Images with you. Now if I could only uncover a release date 😉

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Fight-Dice Update – New Artwork

Fight Dice Apprentice

Fight-DiceTM – Rapid Action Dice Combat game has updated its work in progress website with new artwork today, and it looks bloomin’ amazing! A great sign of what we hope is to come with this interesting AF duel game.


Philippines ToyCon 2008 Stikfas Coverage

The following images have been supplied by Metal Zi, who is a regular on the Forum, and on the Katoots boards. These images primarily concentrate on Wimax Stikfas booth at the ToyCon2008 event, to see all the images from this event (including some cute Cosplay Girls) please visit the Katoots Stikfas board.

01 02 03 04 05
06 07 08 09 10
11 12 13 14

Yes that is a pre-release look at the Brand NEW Stikfas kit the Master Assassin!!! Thank you again Zi for the images, and your a lucky bugger for getting your mitts on those kits before anyone else!!! 😀

To finish off todays entry, a World Exclusive (okay it appeared on Katoots first) the first Stikfas Master Assassin Custom by Metal Zi 🙂

Stikfas Master Assassin Custom


Stikfas Constructor?

Stikfas Constructor

This logo was unearthed during the weekly Stikfans Stikfas Trawl through the internet. I’ve heard bits and pieces about Stikfas Constructor, this is the first real evidence I’ve seen. Enjoy, it made me go cool 🙂


Preview – Fight-DiceTM Artwork

Fight-DiceTM Sensei

We just got some more preview artwork from the ongoing Fight-DiceTM Project. You can check out the rest of the previews after the jump.
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Preview – Evangelion Stikfas Kit Built!


How about this for a preview? A complete build of the Evangelion Stikfas Figure! These pictures are brought to you via the Photobucket of Munki-Boi, the second place runner up in the Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 Competition. Thankfully he is just about mad enough to actually build one from the first test sprue run! Check out the scale picture after the jump.

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