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Stikfans News – 09/28/2008

RepairDue to a hosting service maintenance problem was offline between the hours of 6am – 2.45pm (USA-EST). We are happy to report that is now back online and functioning fine.


Larry Stikfas at Baltimore Comic Con

Larry StikfasLarry Stikfas of the website will wandering around Baltimore Comic Con this weekend in the company of Nerdgirl Jean. If any Stikfans are at the BCC and want to met Larry look out for Jean, and her accompanying camera crew. Larry will be traveling with her throughout the entire show, don’t be shy step up and ask to met the him.


Fight-DiceTM Update

Fight-Dice Artwork

Fight-Dice logoFight-DiceTM – The Rapid Action Dice Combat Game has some news. As you know Fight-DiceTM is self-produced independent production. This means production, game development, publication and design are heavily dependent on the free time of the author.

Recently Fight-DiceTM has published a sketch book of artwork on there website, showcasing the new artwork, and direction that the game is now going in. The game is based on using any action figure in a duel style game, and the open ended nature of it makes a it a perfect fit for Stikfas Action Figures.
And now they have sent a prototype copy of the new version3.0 of the game to Stikfas HQ with a proposal to develop the game alongside our favorite action figures.

Fingers crossed that Fight-DiceTM is successful, and Stikfas HQ pick up the game and help them get to the next level. If you want to help, email Stikfas HQ at and ask about Fight-DiceTM.


Stikfas News & Toybreak Review- 09/10/08

Stikfas Dragon has posted two news items.

Item One – Saizon has partnered with for a stop motion contest of animated proportions. To learn more about this and to watch the intro vid please click here.

Item Two – The Stikfas Green Dragon & Beta Female Warrior is now available in the Stikfas Online Store!!! Which means we will soon be seeing it here in the USA. Click here to learn more.

Unrelated to the news posting, but still news. has posted there latest Toy Review Episode #47, this episode features our favorite toy Stikfas. Check it out by clicking here.

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Stikfas Green Dragon & Beta Female Warrior

Stikfas Green Dragon has posted the news of the release of the Stikfas Green Dragon & Beta Female Warrior, and doesn’t it look cool!!! Woot!!! This is a third redeco for this popular Stikfas kit and the latest information we’ve got about its release is early October!!! Good things, eh? And another home run for the Stikfans Rumor Mill crew 🙂 More Stikfas Dragon pictures after the jump.

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Stikfans News – 200Plus Posts & Climbing

StikfansA little bit of Stikfans news for you all. Eight months in from our humble beginnings in January, we have now broken through the 200+ post threshold. Over the last few months we’ve discovered websites, galleries, and hidden customizing tips all for the best darn toy ever made. Thank you all for stik-ing with us, and we promise you lots of Stik-related stuff to come.
Domo Arigato
Nick & Jean 🙂


Stikfas News – 08/20/2008 has two news items.

Item One – Stikfas arrive at FRESH Manilla store, this is one store with a very colorful store front! Check out the picture, and full news entry by clicking here.

Item Two – As posted on Stikfans on August 5, has hit the news section with updates on the two new games Assassin & Stikfas Memory. Check out the full news entry by clicking here.


News – New Games at!!! brings us news about there brand new Stikfas games!

Stikfas Assassin Stikfas Games

First up, the Stikfas Master Assassin gets his own games. Use your throwing stars to burst balloons, get your names in the top 10 and rule the boards.

Stikfas Memory Stikfas Games

Or test your Memory skills with Stikfas themed memory game. Sweep the board in the least number of moves, it educational, and food for your brain.

Both games are a great way to procrastinate five minutes of you day away. is full of cool Stikfas games that are highly addictive, and a lot of fun to play. There is a simply registration process and you can save your scores to the league tables and score your name into the Stikfas legend. To check out the Assassin, and Memory games click here now.


Previews & Concepts Gallery Update

Preview ImageNew images have been added to the Stikfans Concepts Previews gallery. These images include scaled Evangelion Prototype pictures, and a peak into Banj sketch book over the rumored Evoliods range. You can view the Gallery by clicking here.


Stikfas News – 08/01/2008 StikMotion has posted news

This is a little bit of a follow on from our weekly Stikfas Web Trawl posted yesterday when we uncovered the RastAsia.blogspot containing all those Stikfas animation tips. It appears RastAsia has a whole Stikfas Channel on called Stikmotion. You can view it by clicking here.

To read the full Stikfas News Entry on this subject please click here.


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