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News – Koolby & Friends Series One

Koolby & Friends

I know been a while since an update, my apologies, I am very busy with Stikfans v2.5 and other related projects. However, while I was taking a 10 minute procrastination break I found these interest figures over on Saizon’s (North American Stikfas Distributor) website. I don’t know if they are Stikfas related, but I thought you might all want to see them (Jean thinks they are cute). More images after the jump…

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Cha… Cha… Changes…

Stikfans AdminI bet you thought this was all over, eh? Well, for while I thought that as well… in its current form will be evolving over the month of February and will be coming back in a much different form. Keep an eye on the website I think your going to get stonked when you see what we’ve got planned.
Stikfans Chief Writer & Gopher


All Good Things…

StikfansAll good things do come to an end.

After almost a year of updates, and 290 posts it is time to shut the doors over here on We’ve worked hard this last year bringing you the Stikfan fresh stikfas stuff to amuse, inspire, and have fun with. started as a blog project to bring together all the various Stikfas stuff across the internet. Now sadly Jean & myself cannot continue, various life things, the server expense and other factors, like the constant hacker attacks, have got too much for us to cope with.

We do hope in our own little way we’ve helped bring more faces to the Stikfas hobby, and helped introduce all its facets to wider audience. We are very happy we gave you all a year of Stikfas-centric entertainment, and now its time for us to move on.

Thank you all for your time, we wish you all, and Stikfas all the success in the new year and the far future. The server for should be up until the new year, and after that the website will go offline. As this is the very last post here on Stikfans we would like to exit with this classic line – So long now, and thank you all for the fish 😉
Domo Arigato,
Nick & Jean


News 12/08/2008 – Chat Change Banner has news.

The Nightly Chat has changed its location, it still takes place every night 8 -12pm and your free to drop in anytime you want too. The Nightly chat is still accessible from our link in our navigation, or you can just click here and reset your bookmarks.


News Exclusive – Fight-DiceTM Development

Fight-DiceTM Fight Logo

Fight-DiceTM Web PageWe have some exclusive news about the Fight-DiceTM The Rapid Action Dice Combat Game that allows you to fight a pitched duel against any action figure. This Monday the Fight-DiceTM crew are meeting with popular game publisher Endless Games, and will be presenting a full demo of the game, and discussing the concept, and possible development of Fight-DiceTM with them.

As we know Fight-DiceTM is an open ended fully customizable dueling game that is also perfect fit with Stikfas Action Figure Kits. We think this is a pretty cool development, and we ask you keep your fingers crossed for the Fight-DiceTM crew and they have some success with this fun game.


Stikfans News – 11/15/2008

Repair IconOn Friday suffered an SQL error to its members/admin database. This made it impossible for any member/admins to log in to post any Stik related reports, news or features. The error has now been resolved and normal updates will resume shortly.


Stikfas News – 10/10/2008 Stopmotion Winner

Stopmotion Winner has posted news.

The winner of the animation competition has been announced. To check out who won read the news entry by clicking here.

Or check out First Place Winner – The Mad Animator by clicking here.
And the Second Place Runner up – STICKFAS by clicking here.

Big shout out to Marc Press at for organizing this fun competition, we will get these up on the Stik Theater sometime in the next couple of days 🙂


Stikfas News – 10/23/2008

Stop Motion has posted news

This year the 2nd Annual Trick17 Stop Motion competition has Saizon as a sponsor, with catagories like Stikfas and Claymation to name but a few it promises to be an interesting event. To read more about this news entry please click here. Or go directly to the Trick17 Stop Motion website by clicking here.


Stikfas News – 10/06/2008 has posted News.

In the October Newsfeed on, is featured with there review of the best darn toy ever made. You can view the Stikfas news by clicking here, or the Toybreak review by clicking here.

Note – We broke this on news back on 09/10/2008 – click here for our entry 🙂


Larry meets Snake Eyes

SnakeEyes with Larry

Larry Stikfas of fame was at the Baltimore Comic Con over the weekend, taking a look at what was going on, and generally doing all the things that traveling stikfas do. As you can see from this picture he ran into Snake Eyes of GI Joe fame.

Sadly not long after this picture Larry Stikfas suffered another neck injury cutting short his photo tour of other characters that appeared at the BCC. He is currently in emergency stikfas surgery and we do expect a full recovery in time of a trip to Anime USA in VA before he starts his worldwide travels.


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