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Sorry… Stikfans Broke!

RepairOn Tuesday night the WordPress that Stikfans uses for its news pages was updated from its 2.02, to the new all singing, dancing 2.5. Our tests after the upgrade seemed to show that all went right. Sadly, the upgrade caused a database corruption, which didn’t make itself known until Wednesday night. This corruption meant blog users could not leave comments, or view entire articles, or even access past articles from our catagory section!

This has now been repaired, however to repair the website we had to rebuild the database from scratch and we lost all our registered blog users… Sorry… So, if you want to leave a comment below any article posted here please re-register. I am sorry about this, but normal service has now finally resumed here at Stikfans 🙂


Rumor Mill – 04/09/2008

EvangelionWelcome to a new feature here on called the Rumor Mill, its where we put our ear down on Stikfas and see what little whispers we can pick up. I’m not saying that any of the information presented here is accurate, but all rumors do have a grain of truth in them. If you have any rumors, thoughts, or have a question you think can be answered in the Rumor Mill post a comment, or email

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Going Global is a Stikfas website that has been created in the USA, and the Webmaster, although English, resides in the USA as well. As a result sometimes our updates can be at times very USA-centric.

I am sure the USA is not the only hot-bed of Stikfas activity, and Stikfas has a Global Fanbase. I want to hear from Stikfans across the Globe, please email or post me links to Stikfas Events, Websites, Web Comics etc on the international, as well as the more domestic stage at This website was built to bring Stikfans together from across the entire world, and I hope you all make good use of it.

Lucy, from the UK Stikfas Distributor has sent me a couple of links to UK based websites. – a UK Stikfas news and resource website. – the UK Stikfas Myspace networking Stikfans across Great Britain

These links will also be added to our growing URL list 🙂


Cha…Cha… Changes

You may of noticed that has undergone a couple of cosmetic changes. It was always my intention to build Stikfans into a larger interactive community website for Stikfas, but the wordpress page creation had some odd quirks when it came to HTML coding.

To solve this, Stikfans has evolved from just a blog into a fully fledged website. This makes the navigation easier, and enables me to add more features such as the Stikfas Theater section.

The biggest change to Stikfans is I’ve added a all singing/all dancing PHP Community Forum, this is a work in progress. But it is something I feel Stikfans long needed. It is my hope that you, the Stikfans join me on this next step 🙂

To link directly to the Stikfans Community Forum Click Here.


Editorial – The Newbie

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Stikfas Against Customs?

Arrived today by email at


Stikfas Against Customs (S.A.C) is an organization founded by Stikfas for Stikfas in the belief that the customization of Stikfas is cruel and all Stikfas have a right to there bits.

Through public education, Stikfas rights investigations, research, Stikfas rescue, legislation, special events, and protest campaigns S.A.C hopes one day to stop the horror of customs against Stikfas.

S.A.C promotes the ethical treatment of Stikfas everywhere, educating others on the cruelty of customs to Stikfas.

To learn more go here

Comments in L33t Magazine

As announced in the news section L33t Magazine ran an article featuring Stikfas. This article had a smaller insert highlighting a couple of Stikfas websites, one of which was

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Introducing StikBen


In our ongoing search for all things Stikfas, we uncovered this little gem on the internet. Its StikBen a stikfas custom based on a online comic strip. StikBen was created for a stop-motion feature. The website has a great breakdown on how the custom is made, and you can check it all out here.


Larry Stikfas – Back on the Road!

LarryWe just got word that Larry Stikfas of the fame is back on the road again, after a two month break, and is currently in Antioch getting chased by Zombies?

He has posted new pictures from his travels up on the and wants us to get the word out that he still is looking for new Stikfans to visit. You can arrange a visit from Larry by going to his website and filling in the contact form details. When its your turn he will email you, and ask if he can still drop by. Your only obligations are to take a few pictures and make sure he gets to his next destination!

Although Larry is not the first chain-stikfas created, he has the same ambition to travel the world one mailbox at a time, and visit every Stikfan that he can! Click here if you want to help Larry on his quest, or if you just want to check out his latest pictures and blog.


Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 – Round Six Results

We are reaching the closing stages of the Stikfanatics Challenge and we have seen some amazing Stikfas Customs from some of the best customizers out there. Sadly this is a elimination competition and someone must leave before the final round. The Stikfanatic who wont be moving on from Round Six Domo Arigato Mr Roboto is SeraphimZeta (of the fame), bad luck Chap.

That leaves Kel7Alpha and Munkiboi to go head-to-head for the final round, named May the Best Fantasy Beast Win. You can find the full Final Round Rules here. Its a three week challenge, so we will try to keep you up-to-date with the work in progress as we discover them.

You can check out the Stikfas Customs from Rounds Six below. Read the rest of this entry »


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