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Rumor Mill – 06/18/2008

Master AssassinWelcome to the June 2008 Rumor Mill column, the place were we take a look at what is new, and what is going on with all things Stikfas. A place for all the gossip, half-heard tips and out right speculation come to rest.

First off I want to say score one for the Rumor Mill. We’ve been scratching at the Master Assassin rumor for three months now and it looks like Stikfas HQ have finally released the kit. So you can’t blame us if we feel a little punchy today. And isn’t a cool kit!!! I want one, no two… Heck, with all the new weapons and accessories this is going to be a very popular kit indeed.

North American release date for this neat kit is approx late July/early August, so keep your eyes peeled for the North American release announcement here at Stikfans, and reserve your Assassin at our sponsor website
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Stikfas Master Assassin Pictures

Stikfas Master Assassin

To see the full set of pictures featuring the new Stikfas Master Assassin Kit, the box and the kits sprues visit the Stikfas Philippines Website here.

Score One for the Rumor Mill 🙂 The North American release date for this cool new addition to the Stikfas range is approx late July. To finish off, here is a close up image of the main Master Assassin Accessory Frame 😀

Master Assassin Accessory Sprue


Philippines ToyCon 2008 Stikfas Coverage

The following images have been supplied by Metal Zi, who is a regular on the Forum, and on the Katoots boards. These images primarily concentrate on Wimax Stikfas booth at the ToyCon2008 event, to see all the images from this event (including some cute Cosplay Girls) please visit the Katoots Stikfas board.

01 02 03 04 05
06 07 08 09 10
11 12 13 14

Yes that is a pre-release look at the Brand NEW Stikfas kit the Master Assassin!!! Thank you again Zi for the images, and your a lucky bugger for getting your mitts on those kits before anyone else!!! 😀

To finish off todays entry, a World Exclusive (okay it appeared on Katoots first) the first Stikfas Master Assassin Custom by Metal Zi 🙂

Stikfas Master Assassin Custom


Tiger Tales – A Profile of Ban Y J

The following article was published in Tiger Tales, an inflight magazine for Tiger Airways. I don’t have a copy to directly link too, so I’ve pasted the text directly into this post. Enjoy.


Ban Yinh Jheow TOY TYCOON

Toy fan meets entrepreneurial risk-taker in Ban, 37, who is the CEO Chairman of STIKFAS™, a company worth USD10 million today.

Ban received his first toy – an IG88 Star Wars action figure – in the 1970s, and his fascination with toys has not ebbed, as the Star Wars collectibles and Thomas the Tank Engine train set on his massive office desk will attest.
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Stikfun – Live Chat

Stikfas Live ChatStikfans is happy to announce the new Live Chat feature. Click the link in the Header and you will be transported to the Stikfas Live Chat page.

Now this is a Stikfas Chat, and its hosted by Stikfan Taiwan Psycho. The Chat normally starts filling up around 8pm (EST – USA). Come on over, sign-in and chat with your fellow Stikfans from across the globe! To get get started click here.

Oh, if you get bored waiting for someone to turn up, you can make use of the Live Chat Doodle Feature to draw your next Stikbash 🙂


Stikfans – What are Stikfas?

JeanStikfans is proud to announce a new writer on the team, met Jean, LNC Staff member and major Stikfas fan. Her first article can be found in our top navigation bar called What are Stikfas? – which is a well written Stikfas introduction article, and also features an exclusive interview with Stikfas Creator BanY J.

Jean will be adding articles to Stikfans and helping me with researching all the Stikfas stuff that we can find. Watch out for new articles, new features, new catagories and new ideas as we move to the next level. We hope you all come along and join us for the ride 🙂 is looking for article writers and contributors. If you have a Stikfas related idea, article or feature you want to contribute to please email


Editorial – Responsibility

I’ve heard this a few times who is responsible for fueling the Stikfas hobby? Is it the fan? The Retailer? The Manufacturer? The Baker and the Candlestick maker? Who is it? Read the rest of this entry »


Get Creative

This is really something I should post on our own Forums. Wolfie of Stikfanatics Fame has posted it up on

Get Creative and list what combo-kit (like Ninja Duel or Assault Team) you would like to see Stikfas release next. To Get Creative click here.


Rumor Mill – 05/08/2008

EvangelionHello, and welcome to the second edition of Rumor Mill, this is the place were we speculate, and discuss rumors, and ideas involving our favorite toy, Stikfas. Remember all rumors have a grain of truth in them…

In our last edition we discussed the possibility of Evangelion appearing in Stikfas form in the near future. Since then we’ve posted a picture of an assembled test sprue, and it looks pretty sweet. Read the rest of this entry »


Editorial – Community

Hello and welcome to the second editorial, this is going to be a bi-monthly feature here on Stikfans and I hope to have one published every second Thursday. Depending of course on exploding computer, kids, life and girlfriend.

Editorials are really all about a point of view, to raise awareness and basically stir the pot a little bit. If anyone wishes to comment please place one below, send an email to, or even start a thread on our new community board.

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