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Lost on the Net – Stikfas & Muffins?

Muffin PirateTodays, Lost on the Net is brought to you by the epic search power of AOL. Its an the age old story, of a boy, his muffins, a house of full of friends, a few bottles of beer and Stikfas. To check out this interesting Lost on the Net please click here.


Lost on the Net – Lar Greenwood

Lar Greenwood ImagesToday’s ‘Lost on the Net’ is brought to you again by the fourth tier search engine Using this smaller search engine we uncovered the website of Lar Greenwood.

The website features an interesting Stikfas balance gallery, and small movie section. You can check it out by clicking here.

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Lost on the Net – James Ferris Stikfas Customs

Stikfas Super Seven

This Lost on the Net is brought to you thanks to the searching power of This week I decided to use the fourth placed web search engine to have little look around for all things Stikfas, and we uncovered this little gem of a website called James Ferris Customs.

This little website is has some really innovative Stikfas customs on it, and I recommend it to any Stikfan to check it out. The Super Seven was scratch built completely out of bits of Stikfas Sprue, and the cardboard of the Stikfas box itself! You can check out this Lost on the Net Gem by clicking here.


Lost on the Net – Frontier Web Comic

Drifters Stikfas Web ComicGot a new candidate for the Lost on the Net feature here on Stikfans. The Frontier Stikfas Web Comics from Drifters Escape blog. I would say its had one of the shortest Web Comic releases, but that recently got beaten by Stikcomics. An interesting looking story, nice use of the basic Stikfas kit and now Lost on the Net – click here to read the comic.


Lost on the Net – Whak-A-Stik!


This weeks Lost on the Net, was uncovered by Jean during our weekly Stikfas search and is called Whak-A-Stik!

This is an extremely silly way to procrastinate five minutes of your day away, you can play the game which was buried on the website by clicking here. By the way my score was 24/100 Stikfas.


Lost on the Net – Stikfas Robot?

Stikfas Themed Robot

Lost on the Net is a new semi-regular feature here on, here we dig up the oddest Stikfas images that have no website home and place them on Stikfans. The weird, the wild and just plan silly will be posted when and if we can dig up the image.

Todays image was found using Google Image Search, the blurb text on the preview image says its a 3D CGI model inspired by the Stikfas body construction. If anyone knows the author or website origin, or has a Lost on the Net image to share please email


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