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Fansites – Stikfas War Stikfas War

This interesting and we hope growing fansite was uncovered by the using the search engine, its a fairly new blog from Feng Wai as he ventures into the world of Stikfas. To check out Stikfas War or I Swear By Lubricant please click here.


Stikfun – Monkey River Town

Cuboyds Helping Hand

This piece of Stikfun is called ‘The Arrival of the Cuboyds’ and was taken by Monkey River Town. To check out more of this Stikfans pictures on his Flickr account please click here.


Stikfun – Length on Flickr

ReachOne of the fun things about running a Stikfas related blog is I get to trawl the internet and dig up really cool Stikfun for you all to see. This time using the mighty search engine power of I bring you an interesting collections of flickr pictures.

Click here to view the Flickr account of Pete-T, and enjoy his Stikfun images. They are simply fun.


The Deviant Art Stikfas of Rajuvi

Stikfas ZealotOn our weekly Stikfans trawl across the internet we uncovered the deviant art gallery of Rajuvi, and it contains some interesting Stikfas customs and kit bashes. To check out all of Rajuvi’s Deviant Art Stikfas please click here.

If anyone knows of, or has uncovered a Stikfas related website, image, comic or custom that is not featured in our growing URL list please email


Lost on the Net – James Ferris Stikfas Customs

Stikfas Super Seven

This Lost on the Net is brought to you thanks to the searching power of This week I decided to use the fourth placed web search engine to have little look around for all things Stikfas, and we uncovered this little gem of a website called James Ferris Customs.

This little website is has some really innovative Stikfas customs on it, and I recommend it to any Stikfan to check it out. The Super Seven was scratch built completely out of bits of Stikfas Sprue, and the cardboard of the Stikfas box itself! You can check out this Lost on the Net Gem by clicking here.


Fansite – Captain Kodak Family Stikfas

Family Stikfas

Showing what can be done with just your basic Stikfas, Captain Kodak brings us some invocative and very simple images in his Flickr account, click here to view it now.


Stikfas in the 365 Project

365 Project

Stikfas have appeared in the Flickr One Object 365 Days Project, you can check out our favorite toys entry by clicking here. To check out the contributors Flickr account, and the Stikfas Indiana Jane pictures click here.


Fansite – rastAsia Blog

Rast Asia Stikfas Time for our weekly trawl through the world wide internet for all things Stikfas, and this week we have uncovered rastAsia.blogspot. Its a great little blog that discusses Stikfas, and his journey in customizing, and animating them. It has a great little tutorial about animation and its neat little fansite, which you can check out by clicking here.


Fansite – Horace’s Page of Customs

Stikfas Venom Spiderman

Our weekly trawl over the internet has uncovered this interesting fansite, we think its fairly old as its based in the AOL homepage system, but its contains some real cool customs including the first Solid Snake Stikfas custom I’ve seen! Check out Horace’s Page of Customs by clicking here.


Fansite – Wu Long Ti Action Figures

CeaserThis weeks Stikfas trawl across the internet has uncovered a small Stikfas gem. Its a Action Figure customizers website belongs to a Mr Wu Long Ti.

The Website is full of Action Figure customs, and some real nice Stikfas set pieces. That combine kitbashing, and figure sculpting. He has also a couple of interesting TM style boxed designs. You can check out the Action Figure section of this website here.

If you know of a Stikfas Related Website that isn’t listed in our growing URL listing, please email


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