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News Exclusive – Fight-DiceTM Development

Fight-DiceTM Fight Logo

Fight-DiceTM Web PageWe have some exclusive news about the Fight-DiceTM The Rapid Action Dice Combat Game that allows you to fight a pitched duel against any action figure. This Monday the Fight-DiceTM crew are meeting with popular game publisher Endless Games, and will be presenting a full demo of the game, and discussing the concept, and possible development of Fight-DiceTM with them.

As we know Fight-DiceTM is an open ended fully customizable dueling game that is also perfect fit with Stikfas Action Figure Kits. We think this is a pretty cool development, and we ask you keep your fingers crossed for the Fight-DiceTM crew and they have some success with this fun game.


Previews & Concepts Gallery Update

Preview ImageNew images have been added to the Stikfans Concepts Previews gallery. These images include scaled Evangelion Prototype pictures, and a peak into Banj sketch book over the rumored Evoliods range. You can view the Gallery by clicking here.


Stikfas Constructor?

Stikfas Constructor

This logo was unearthed during the weekly Stikfans Stikfas Trawl through the internet. I’ve heard bits and pieces about Stikfas Constructor, this is the first real evidence I’ve seen. Enjoy, it made me go cool 🙂


Starbuck MBears – We can make this happen!

Starbucks Stikfas MBear

Yes that is a Stikfas MBear sporting the Starbucks logo and we can make this happen! Go to, register and vote. Its the perfect placement of product and exposure for our favorite toy. Click here to vote now!


Starbucks Stikfas – Vote here to make it happen!

Starbucks StikfasAs promised we have found some more information on the Starbucks Stikfas image we stumbled-upon last week. This cool concept has appeared on the Starbucks Ideas Website and you can vote to make it happen – Click here to add your vote now!

Login, and vote as often as you can to make the Starbucks Stikfas idea happen! Additional Starbuck Stikfas Concepts can be found after the jump.
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What’s this? Starbucks Stikfas!


What’s this? This was found in an image dump today on the internet. Is is a concept? If it is it’s certainly interesting to see Stikfas using Starbucks to break into the mainstream. Considering the nature of Stikfas, and a portion of the base customer that purchases from Starbucks this cannot be a bad idea. If anyone knows anything else about this, please email


Zeta Series – Evoloids

The first news about the Zeta Series – Evoloids was posted on the forum by Stikfas creator BanYJ. These are a concept that he is working on with a fellow designer Mike. Not much is known about them beyond the concept sketches that I’ve posted here, and this brief summary taken from BanYJ postings about them.

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