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Stikfun Competition – The Caption This Challenge

Caption This Competition

Nick – Sorry, about the delay in posting this I’ve been distracted putting Ubuntu 8.10 on my ailing laptop in an attempt to save it, and then enjoyed one glorious night of exploring my first Linux enabled computer. Before my laptop finally gave up the ghost with a fatal Motherboard failure. Nice looking OS, shame it couldn’t resurrect my laptop… Now on with the post has a new Stikfun Competition over on its Stikfas Forum, its a Caption This Challenge where using a series of keywords, you attempt to capture a Stikfas image utilizing these words. It looks like a lot of fun and if you got five minutes go and check it out by clicking here.


Competition – Toy Collector Stikfas Kustoms

Stikfas Kustoms @ Toy emailed us with news about there brand new competition called Stikfas Kustoms.

This is a special Stikfas only competition and is open to anyone to enter any type of Stikfas custom they can come up with. To learn more about this competition, how to enter, the general rules and to submit your pictures please click here.


Olympic Stikfas – The Results

Olympic StikfasThe Olympics in Beijing have closed, and the so does our Olympic Stikfas competition. Sixteen days ago we asked you to take a picture of your Stikfas in some type of Olympic themed competition – click here to view the gallery. The call was answered, and you can find out who won after the jump.

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Competition – Zombie Batchelorette

Mr Tulip - Zombie Lawyer is re-opening the Zombie Batchelorette Competition, that died along with Katoots, and they want you to sign your Zombie up! There are some awesome prizes for the Zombie who wins the heart of the undead Batchelorette including a complete Stikfas Evangelion Test Sprue. Now I am sure that got your attention! To find out how to enter this Stikfas competition click here. Be sure to check out the entire Zombie Batchelorette Competition thread and good luck.


Competition – Olympic Stikfas

Olympic StikfasIts Competition Time here at!!!

In celebration of the Olympics, we have opened an Olympic Stikfas Album in our Stik Gallery for everyone to post there Olympic Themed Stikfas images. Thats right, you don’t have to be a member of the Stik Gallery to post an image and enter this cool Stikfas sporting event.

It can be a custom, a photorama, an oddly shaped logo as long as its Olympic themed and has a Stikfas, Cuboyd or Mbear in it!!! At the end of the Olympics in Beijing, special Stikfas prizes will be given out to what we judge as the top three Olympic images.

Now get creative, and have fun with your Stikfas!!!

You can view the Stikfas Olympic Album by Clicking Here.


Katoots Competition – Zombie Batchelorette

Katoots has started a new Stikfas Competition

5 Eligible Stikfas Zombie Batchelors are competing for the attention of Zombie Batchelorette. This competition promises all the thrills and spills of the reality show, with a fun Stikfas twist to it. More details will follow as the competition really kicks into gear. In the meantime you can check out the Zombie Batchelors after the jump.
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Stikfas Stikfun Stikfans Challange 2008 Winners

SSS WinnersThe Winners for the Wimax Stikfas Stikfun Stikfans Challange 2008 were announced at the Toycon08 event in the Philippines. To view the winning entrants, and other high merited entries please click here.


Meet Cammo


Say hello to Cammo, this 6′ 4″ high Stikfas is the Philippines Stikfas Distributor Wimax Security Guard and Official Greeter, he currently standing guard over the Wimax Stikfas Stikfun Stikfans Challange 2008 Entrants. Thank you for the picture Team Wimax, pretty darn cool 😀


Stikfas UK News – 05/20/2008

Jetix Kooti-KootiThis news is from

UK magazine Jetix will have Kooti-Kooti on its cover this month, this cool wrestling stiks game is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it. If you are in the UK pop along to your local newsagents and check it out. To read the full news entry click here.


Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 – The Winner is…

Stik challengeThe results for the Final Round of the Stikfanatics Challenge 2008 are now in.

Its been over a month since the Competition Moderator Wolfie announced the entrant rules for the final two Kel7Alpha and MunkiBoi. You can read these rules here.

Sadly this is a competition and there has to be a final winner. Learn who wins after the jump.

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