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Hey We Woke Up – Thank you EElumir

Yes its true, we’ve woken up here at Stikfans, and to be truthful we’ve been dozing because to be frank… Not much is going on with Stikfas at the moment. However, today your intrepid reporter uncovered this YouTube jewel by EELumir (the animator of the awesome Stikfas Fight Video). It made me laugh, smile and look at my Stikfas again…

Click the link to view the video – 9 More Than That


Stikfas News – 08/01/2008 StikMotion has posted news

This is a little bit of a follow on from our weekly Stikfas Web Trawl posted yesterday when we uncovered the RastAsia.blogspot containing all those Stikfas animation tips. It appears RastAsia has a whole Stikfas Channel on called Stikmotion. You can view it by clicking here.

To read the full Stikfas News Entry on this subject please click here.


Truveo – Stikfas Videos

We uncovered this website on our weekly trawl across the internet, its a dedicated video search engine set up for Stikfas vids! You can can check out the Stikfas Truveo Video Channel here.

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Stikfas Weekly Web Comic Round Up

Happy Fourth of July Everybody 🙂 This special early edition of the Web Comic Round Up has been made possible by this early holiday and three day weekend.  Now put your feet up for your first procrastination stop of the weekend.

Action Figure Comics – We witness the game of the gods and learn a little more about meta-phoric existence. Learn more here. Read the rest of this entry »


Caption This! 06/29/2008

Caption This

This Caption This! Image was discovered by a member of the Live Chat and its pretty cool. If you have a Stikfas Related Image you would like to show in Caption This! Please Email Now Caption This!


Stikfun – Bullet Time Stikfas

Jr Cooper Bullet StikfasEverytime I do trawl through the internet for Stikfas Stuff, I come across the picture to the left. I put it into my links meaning to explore it further, now I’ve finally got around to seeing it.

The picture leads to a pretty nice piece of Stikfas CGI animation by a chap called JR Cooper, you can check out the full animation – Bullet Time Stikfas by clicking here.

To view the movie in its full format you will need Quicktime loaded on your computer.


Animation – Stikfas Last Man Standing

Exploring the Stikfas Animation theme on I discovered this neat stop-motion video. Its called Last Man Standing, and is very impressive visually. Check it out here.

This video has been added to Stikfans Stikfas Theater Section be sure to check it out, along with the rest of the Stikfas Videos we’ve added for your enjoyment 🙂


Stikfas News – 06/11/2008 has posted news.

Every wondered where Stikfas come from? Well, there is a two part video clip doing the rounds that tries to explain this great mystery. The clips were produced by Tommi Inoon Productions and you can check them out and read the full Stikfas news entry here.

Or view the videos directly here.
Part One
Part Two

I will be adding these videos to the Stikfas Theater page later on today.


Stikfas Animation

One of the real cool things about Stikfas is they are perfect for stop motion animation! Since the release of the first Stikfas kit animators have used them in all kinds of skits and posted their work on and other mediums. The quality of the animation varies, but all are pretty cool.

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