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Stikfas Web Comic Update – 11/06/2008

Stikfas PlayersIt’s no secret that the internet is a little scarce of updated Stikfas Related Web Comics at the moment. Many of the comics are on sabbatical for the winter, or the authors are busy with other projects.

However, I am happy to report that Olde Town Village Stikfas Players has updated there skit based Stikfas comedy, you can check out the full episode by clicking here. Plus Stikfan J Magus Lovecraft Mythos inspired Stikfas comic is still going strong, you can check it out by clicking here.

If you know of a Stikfas related Web Comic that we have not featured here or in our growing URL list please email us at


Stikfas Web Comic Update – The End?

Stuck - The End?

Could this be true, could this finally be the end of Stuck? Check out the latest comic from this visually fantastic Stikfas Action Comic by clicking here.


Stikfas Web Comic Update – 10/19/2008

StuckSomething Big This Way Comes…
The Idol it moves! We first saw it in action in Stuck Episode 102, and now we see its full destructive might in Stuck Episode 103. Check out this shocking development in Stuck by clicking here.


Stikfas Web Comic Update – 10/13/2008

Page 8Welcome to our Stikfas Web Comic Update, were we take a little look at what is going on in the world of Stikfas related web comics.

This update we have news of a brand new web comic which we mentioned in passing last week, and promised to bring more news once we find out where it is updated. Well, we’ve received news that this Lovecraft inspired web comic now has a new home on the web. Click here to start reading now.

In other news Stuck is still updating, as Caesar gathers his followers to attack Wyrix, the cunning dragon has a plan. And with there first break in format the Idol comes to life. Find out what is going on with this marvel quality action comic by clicking here.

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Stikfas Web Comic Update – 10/04/2008

JM ComicsWe uncovered this Stikfas web comic update over on the board. This new Stikfas web comic is based on the the Lovecraft Mythos and is written by Stikfan Helios.

You can view episodes of this comic over on his deviant art page by clicking here. We of course will let you know if he publishes the collection in full.


Stikfas Web Comic Sneak Peek – Prowler



Stikfas Web Comic Update – 09/29/2008

Stuck - Web ComicHello and welcome to our Stikfas Web Comic update. This is our changed web comic article format that concentrates on Stikfas related Web Comic releases over round ups.

Today we turn the spotlight on Stuck, this is a bare bones Stikfas action comic. With no real props and driven by an action narrative, with marvel quality action sequences. The Stikfas in this story fight a philosophical and physical combat in an odd limbo. I’ve been following this comic since its beginning and its now made it to its 100th issue!!! Well done chaps and I hope you’ve got 100 more in you.

Take a look at Stuck today, the action is heating up as Caesar is attempting to rally the denizens to attack Wyrxx, but Amy has other ideas. Check out Issue 100.


Stikfas Web Comic Update – 09/22/2008

Stikfas - 12 DaysWelcome to a Stikfas Web Comic Update. As we have limited number of comics to run down at the moment, we are changing the format of this column to updates when Stikfas Web Comics are released.

We kick off with news that the Stikfas Video Comic Nick 12 Days has now reached the 7th Day, and the plot advances with several same day updates. To view the 7th Day of this innovative Vid Comic, please click here.

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Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

SigmartyrHello, and welcome to the weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round up. Its Labor Day weekend here in the USA, and that means for some of us three fairly free days. With our weekly web comic round up, we hope to help you kill a little bit of that time, or at least help you in your efforts to procrastinate the weekend away.

While Stikfas Web Comic updates are fairly slow this time of the year, what we like to call the summer slow down I am happy to report that a new strip has been published in one of the more darker Stikfas web comics. Now lets take a look at what is going on this week.

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Weekly Stikfas Web Comic Round Up

Stuck ComicIts another slow week in the world of Stikfas Web Comics, I have only one update to report on. So its going to be a small procrastination break this time around. Now lets see who updated this week.

Stuck – Election fever has broken and Ray has finished work on the idol. Looks like something is a foot in Stuck, and the God’s themselves are planning something. Check it out here.

Thats it for this week, told you it would be a short break 🙂


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